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Message from the Chairman / School History


Message from the Chairman, Board of Directors of DENPA Educational Institutions.

DENPA Educational Institutions marked its 70th anniversary in 2022.
Our history began in 1952 when we opened our first school. Since then, we have grown to be a prominent school group consisting of a university, junior college, one high school, eight professional training colleges and a Japanese-language school.
Currently we have 9,000 students and over 189,000 successful graduates.
With over 1,000 teachers and staff to support the students. Learning and classes are based on teacher assignments given at each school.
We strive to create an atmosphere in which students and teachers feel grateful and say "Arigato," meaning "Thank you," to one another. This closely supervised learning philosophy has been a successful key in getting our motivated students difficult-to-achieve qualifications and highly desirable jobs.
We accept international students from all over the world and our international graduates play an important role in society and the workforce of Japan, as well as in their home countries. Through these international exchanges we can contribute to all of our students' global-mind.
Hearing "Arigato (Thank you)" even beyond our domestic borders would please us greatly and we look forward to having a world in which everyone would say "Arigato (Thank you)" from their heart.

Chairman Akiharu Ogawa

Founding Spirit & Mission

To educate students who are in high demand for their knowledge and highly qualified skills, to be welcomed into society and to uphold the necessary talent, training and national wisdom to be able to contribute to the development of technology and society.


1952 Nagoya Hertzian Telegraphy School
(Nagoya Kogakuin College of Technology) est.
1959 DENPA Educational Institutions est.
1961 Tokai Technical Drawing School
(Tokai Polytechnic College Atsuta) est.
1978 Nagoya Business College (Aichi Business College) est.
1982 Nagoya Design College (Aichi Zokei Design College) est.
1987 Aichi Technology Junior College
(Aichi University of Technology Automotive Junior College) est.
1991 Aichi Technology Junior College Information School
(Aichi Information College) est.
Nagoya School of Foreign Studies
(Nagoya College of Foreign Languages) est.
1995 Tokai Polytechnic College Kanayama est.
2000 Aichi University of Technology est.
2002 Aichi Well-being School (Aichi College of Well-being and Rehabilitation) est.
2008 Gifu Kokusai Correspondence High School
2011 Japanese Language School attached to Nagoya School of Foreign Studies
(Aichi University of Technology Foreign Language School) est.

Organizational Chart